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Digital marketing basics

Digital and or affiliate marketing in the United States is a multi-billion dollar business. In-fact, it’s estimated that the affiliate marketing industry’s market size will reach almost $7 billion in 2020. The market is there, especially as mobile evolves, however, Google is constantly changing & competition is fierce.

Search engine optimization

Inside of this gigantic multi-billion dollar industry lies one of the largest corporations in the world and that is Google. To be a bit more specific, 90% of all web searches performed in the world on desktops are done on Google. Understanding basic on-page SEO is a must, staying up-to-date on Google’s algorithm(s) is imperative.

Building a digital brand

Throughout the early 2000’s into the early 2010’s, webmasters and affiliate marketers were able to game Google’s search results quite easily. Well, the ‘wild west’ days as we like to call them are over. If you want staying power in search results, it’s becoming increasingly clear that you actually need to establish a brand and offer real value.

everything digital marketing all in one place

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